Thursday, January 6, 2011

Valentine's Day Themed Swap

Our Swap Coordinator, the ever lovely CorkyBeth and I have an excellent idea that everyone who participates on the thread may want to consider. A fun swap that won't cost you more than fun and shipping.

A Valentine's Day Swap.

Here is the gist of how this works:

Sign up here in the comments area or on the thread or via convo to me or Corkycrafts

Sign up runs from today through Thursday, a week from today (Jan 13) at 10:00 PM. List of Participants will be announced on the thread and in the blog on January 14, 2011.

If you are familiar with swaps for such things as quilt blocks, dishtowels, etc, then you will understand it. Since there is such a variety of types of crafts and art created by the participants of My Texas Friends; each participant is only limited to a common theme, which in this case is Valentine's Day. You may use the colors traditionally associated with the Holiday or a color scheme that is nontraditional but  inspired by the Valentine's Day. 
For those who are not familiar with such swaps it works like this:

Those who sign up will have almost a full month to create something fitting a Valentine's Day (for this particular swap)

Items must be completed and ready to ship by Valentine's Day

If an even number of people sign up for this swap, participants will be paired up and partners will trade their creations with each other.

If there is an odd number of participants then it will be a Round Robin which means that the first person on the list sends his/her creation to the next person on the list and so on, and the last person on the list sends their creation to the first person on the list.

Once the list is announced, swap partners are asked to exchange mailing addresses so shipping can be done efficiently.

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berrybluecreations said...

I'm signing up

If you are signing up for this swap please include your shop name, so we can make as accurate a list as possible.