Monday, February 28, 2011

Texas Friends Spring Fling and Clean Swap Partners Announced

Thank you so much for signing up for the Spring Swap. Please contact your swap partner for mailing addresses.

The swap theme is Spring. That leaves a lot of areas and can lead to new things to try to create and may add to some inspiration. If you have any questions please ask our Swap Coordinator/Team Leader Corkycrafts or berrybluecreations/DollsandAnimalsby

I pulled the names out of the hat and since there are only 8 of us this was easy – Everybody is partnered up.

Mamashouse sends to Maras Fabrics
Maras Fabrics sends to Mamas House

M2M Sends to EDC
EDC Sends to M2M Boutique

Barbiegirlie2 sends to Berryblue Creations
BerryBlue Creations sends to Barbiegirlie2

DaisyLDesigns2 sends to Corky Crafts
CorkyCrafts sends to DaisyLDesign2

Have fun creating!

Last Day to ship out your Swap Items is March 20, 2011 The First Official Day of Spring. Send photos of your swap items to berrybluecreations via Etsy Convo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Texas Friends is Growing!
 is the official roster of our neighborhood in Etsy-land. I do hope you will swing by for a visit. We've got a whole bunch of super friendly and helpful friends. We would love to meet n greet you. So bring your friends and family and join us for a virtual barbecue block party sometime.
A few of our Texas Friends are getting Spring Fever, what better way to enjoy a new season than to have a Spring Fling and Clean. Details on our Forums. Giddy-up y'all and c'mon over. We've got some Treasury happy people who would love to show off some new friends so make sure and put these

If you have the room for them that's great. You can never have enough friends.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Texas Friends Share the Love... First Annual Valentine's Day Swap Event

HandPaintedPetals to Corkycrafts 
HandpaintedPetals to Corkycrafts
Austinleighdesigns sends to MarasFabric

berrybluecreations sends to Barbiegirlie2

MarasFabric sends to OutnumberedNovelties

berrybluecreations sends their swap to AustinLeigh 
BrendasWhite sends to CorkyCrafts

CorkyCrafts sends their swap to HandpaintedPetals

CorkyCrafts sends their swap to SpunkyDiva

OutnumberedNovelties sends to berrybluecreations

BrendasWhite sends to CorkyCrafts

BrendasWhite sends to CorkyCrafts

Barbiegirlie2 sends to BrendasWhite

These are the items that the team members of Texas Friends made and sent to their assigned partners for the First Annual Texas Friends Valentine's Day Swap Event.

I hope you join us for our next Swap Event... Texas Friends Spring Fling and Clean. Details for that swap can be found in our team forums

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Theme Ideas for the next Texas Friends Swap

From right now until 2/19/11 People interested in the next Texas Friends Swap Event may help us decide on a theme.

When polling closes - we'll discuss it and make a final decision so that our Team Captain and team leader/Swap Coordinator can get the ball rolling on the sign up sheet for our next Themed Swap for this year. 

Our First Swap Event, The Valentine's Day Swap was a huge success. We'll have photos to show off really soon. I know everyone is really excited about seeing what the participants swapped. So stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011