Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Texas Wildfire Auction started to benefit victims of fire.
Grimes County, Texas, June 28, 2011 — It was a day that put many people out of their homes, and caused many more to scurry to safety. As the Grimes County wildfire burned on, it spurred locals into action. A Plantersville/Stoneham community page on Facebook offered displaced people a place to find updates, as well as giving charitable families a way to learn where to donate. It also inspired a local jewelry artisan to make an auction page to benefit the victims of the raging flames.
Texas Wildfire Auction began when Califia Hurtado, or Cali, decided she wanted to raise money to donate. She started the auction by donating three handmade jewelry items, and looking for other crafters who wanted to help. It became an all day job, messaging, updating the site, and finding ways to promote it. 
“I found the idea when another lady held a Relief for Joplin auction, after the tornadoes. I donated an item to her auction to help out, and after the wildfire, I thought ‘ I should host an auction here,” Cali says. “I started emailing crafters whose contact information I had, and asking if they would help promote or donate to the cause. I was amazed at how many of them were willing to help with the auction!”
It hasn’t been easy. Her main concern then became the need to find a charity that would distribute money directly to those whose homes were affected by the fire. It was on the Plantersville/Stoneham Facebook page that she found Friends of Grimes County. Suddenly, everything fell together, and within a week, their little page had gained 109 fans, eager to help.
“The purpose of this community auction was not to gain fans, but to gain bidders. We’re doing this to help those who have lost their homes,” Cali says. Cali and her husband are both creators of fine beaded and chainmaille jewelry, though the recent creation of the Auction has been quite a time consuming challenge for this mother of one. 
Cali is a stay at home mom, and the owner of The Bead Muse, a jewelry business. The Texas Wildfire Auction can be found on Facebook, for those interested in bidding or donating.
Califia Hurtado
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Califia said...

This is Cali, the Host of Tx Wildfire Auction! If you're interested in donating or bidding, or just want to spread the news to others who might be, we welcome you to take part in this state-wide effort to help our neighbors! This page will benefit All Texas Wildfire victims in the long run, as we plan to host an auction for any future wildfires that occur in Texas! Thanks for your support!