Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Texas Friends Meet and Greet!

Welcome back to  My Texas Friends Meet and Greet!

In this installment we are meeting and Greeting EDCCOLLECTIVE

In the shop's own announcement you will see;
At EDCCollective, you will find eclectic choices ranging from handcrafted and vintage jewelry and accessories to photographic art, note cards, bookmarks and home decor.

If you love flying pigs, check out my other shop .

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy browsing and contact us with any questions you may have. Some of the answers may be in EDC's shop policies and profile, so please see them for more details.

This is what you will see if you browse the profile/bio of this shop


EDCCollective carries an eclectic mix of items. Browse for handcrafted and vintage jewelry and accessories as well as photographic art and home decor.

EDCCollective began as a family of artisans/craft persons/collectors. My mom, our main collector passed away in Nov. of '09. So while the mix of items listed may change some, I will continue to offer quality hand crafted items as well as some vintage collectibles.

EDC's jewelry contains an eclectic range of materials including gemstones, crystal, glass, brass, vintage beads, wood, freshwater pearls, and feathers. A wide range of styles can be found and custom work is encouraged. My pieces contain either new or vintage components chosen for their individual beauty and combined appeal. While the majority of my listed pieces are silver or gold plated, I'd be happy to work with you to create a piece for you using sterling, GF, 14K gold or even leather. Please be sure to check out my unique product, "No-Hole" Gathering Pins.

Photographic art of nature in all its original splendor or digitally altered for a totally new look are also found in my offerings. These images are available, matted, in a variety of sizes for your wall as well as on note cards and bookmarks. Custom work is also available in this area.

Additional home decor items include pieces made from tree parts, otherwise destined for the landfill. These items include vases and candle holders.

EDCCollective is a branch of EclecticDesignChoices (EDC). Find EDC at , on Facebook, , or our photo gallery at If you see something there that you like that is available, we can list it on Etsy for you. If you see something that is no longer available or something from our sold section, , that you like, contact us to see if we can do an Etsy custom listing for you. You can also read about the EDC custom design process, garden tips and more on my blog, .

If you like the phrase, "When pigs fly..", please check out my other shop, , for whimsical flying pig items.

EDC is a proud member of the Eclectic Artisans Team (EART) and the Etsy Texas Crafters Team (ETC).

EART's team shop -- . Search tags with EART TEAM to see all member tagged items or add tags to EART TEAM descriptive of what you are looking for in order to narrow your search.

ETC's team shop -- Search tags with teametsytx plus descriptive tags of what you are looking for to find member's merchandise.

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