Friday, December 31, 2010

Are you Swap/Trade Friendly?

We at My Texas Friends are ramping up the Promoting fun by starting our first Promo Swap. You will notice a poll on the left sidebar of this page and we hope that everyone will vote yes or no.

My Texas Friend Promo Swap Leader, Corkycrafts, is heading up this opportunity for everyone who participates in the My Texas Friends Forum Thread.

For those of you who have not read her post explaining the Promo Swap and how it works, here it is:

More information about swap/promo -
The promo swap is easy – people send a sample item you wish to help promote your shop. You can send coupons, fliers, for example if you make beads - small bag w/1 bead enclosed w/your business card, lots of ideas to help promote your shop. When I participated the cost was $7.00 for shipping. Everybody paid to 1 person via paypal (best promo than purchasing an Etsy showcase) These items will be put into packets and redistributed to those that contributed. When I participated I had a nice assortment of items that contained that had yarn samples, gift tags, pins, buttons, scrubbies, business card magnets, coupons, when I participated it was great exposure to my shop plus also promoted sales.

If anybody is interested in participating check out the poll.


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