Monday, April 4, 2011

Important News

When My Texas Friends Started on the old Promotions Forums people were free to post and run or stay and chat. Now that Texas Friends is an official team. we encourage our members to post in the forums AT LEAST once every 3 months.  There are some members who joined the team and NEVER checked in on any of our forum discussions. Which led me to think why join a team if you do not intend to participate? We don't ask much, just a quick hi and an update on what is happening with you or your shop since you joined or checked in.

The official Texas Friends Team started January 26, 2011. April26, 2011 will be our 4 month anniversary. That is the deadline in which to pop into at least one of our forum threads for roll call

Those who do not answer roll call will be taken off the membership list. I know this doesn't sound very friendly, but if you cannot be friendly enough to participate with your new friends at least once every 3 months, that's not very friendly either.

Here is a note from one of our leaders about a new swap

Anybody interested in a promotional swap? This is a GREAT way to network within one another to help promote future sales within the team. Hopefully we'll get a lot of team members who would like to help each other out with new sales.

What is a promotional swap? Well we swap out business cards, samples of work, fliers, coupons, magnets, business cards, freebie samples, all you have to do is when you have a sale, just add the packet to the box. It helps promotes team members shops and gets more views, future sales, future hearts. etc/etc. Several yrs ago I particpated in one and it helped with new sales for others. I use these in swaps as well as freebies for orders. You can do the same for your shop as well as craft fairs and festivals you table at if you like. I participated in one several years ago and it was a hit! I had customers who appreciated the freebies and told me they bought at the other shops.

Samples need to be light weight and easy to mail so examples would be small soaps, bookmarks, postcards, note cards, business cards, fliers, ear rings, beads, stickers, pens, something representing your shop, little bags with Etsy shop name and sample of work ie. yarn if you make yarn, buttons, crochet sample, etc/etc. All samples should be of items you make and sell in your shop.

If you have any questions please feel free to convo CorkyBeth

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