Thursday, April 28, 2011

Texas Friends Team News

If members of the Texas Friends Team have been following the Forum Threads and reading the rules when they join the team they can find out a lot.

April was Roll Call. Members who wished to continue to be part of the team had until April 26 to check in on the forums to maintain membership. Those who have not checked in are making the Team Leaders sift through 4 months of Forum Threads to check to make sure they have posted at least once in a 3 month period. Those who have been removed are now wondering why and convos are being sent to inform them. If you have been removed and wish to be reinstated, you are welcome to join again.

These statements are on the Team Homepage:

About this team

Texas Friends, started on Etsy in 2010, in the promotions forums. Texas Friends is not limited to current Texas residents. Past, present and future Texans are welcome and encouraged to join us. The only real rules of our group is to promote friendly, The Texas Way and be respectful to all who participate. If you are a Texan... Want to be one...or wish you were one; then you've come to the right place. 3 Cheers for the Lone Star State!

If you are on vacation, medical leave, or have other reasons you cannot participate once in a 3-month span, please let the Captain or one of the Leaders know.

Who can join?

Texas Friends has the following requirements:
Texas Friends is open globally to anyone who currently lives in Texas, has previously lived in Texas, plans to visit Texas or has heard of Texas.

Rules :
Promote Friendly, the Texas Way!
Introduce yourself when you join.
Check in on any of the Team Forum Threads no less than once every 3 months.

Members who do not follow these rules will be removed.

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